(Last Updated On: August 1, 2023)

Are you a design enthusiast looking to enhance your creative projects? Look no further! Here are the 5 best free SVG download websites you should know.

The previous article shows you the collections of vector images for free download. As a web-friendly vector file format, SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics are now widely used in the design field. Discover an array of high-quality SVG resources that will elevate your designs to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, these carefully curated websites are a treasure trove of inspiration and convenience. Get ready to unlock a world of endless possibilities with these must-know platforms for free SVG downloads!


Let’s get started!

#1. Pixabay – a High-quality Free Vector Images Library

Under the CC0 license, Pixabay is famous for not only free stock images, videos, or sound effects but also vector graphics. 

Pixabay - a High-quality Free Vector Images Library

Pixabay owns a library with over 100,000 free vector images that can be searched following the topics, colors, sizes, orientation, or even published date. Especially, these valuable assets have been generously contributed by the Pixabay community. It allows users to utilize them in personal and commercial projects without the hassle of seeking permission or providing artist attribution.

#2. DrawKit – a Reliable Source for Free SVG Download

If you are seeking an interesting collection of free SVG images, you cannot miss out DrawKit

DrawKit - a Reliable Source for Free SVG Download

In DrawKit, a large number of hand-drawn vector illustrations and icons are available, which are updated every week. If you don’t want to pay for any paid SVG package, you can download the free ones. Just enter your email address and agree with the site terms then the download link will be sent to your email in seconds. DrawKit doesn’t require you to credit the site name to your commercial or non-commercial project but it is always appreciated. 

#3. unDraw – an Open Source to Download Free SVG

Welcome to unDraw – a unique library with changing image color feature. Yes, you do not hear wrong! The site enables you to pick suitable images color for your brand identity before downloading them.

unDraw - an Open Source to Download Free SVG

Besides, among the limited number of platforms that provide seamless access to their image collections, Undraw shines as a crowd favorite, allowing you to jump right into the images you want without any unnecessary searching. Then, just download and use them for any purpose without cost or attribution. 

#4. ManyPixels – an On-Demand Design Source for Illustrations 

Next, another candidate that comes to the list is ManyPixels. This site provides an on-demand service to get exactly the SVG images you want by paying free monthly. However, the free resources of this site are also sufficient for satisfying the needs of new designers. 

ManyPixels - an On-Demand Design Source for Illustrations

You can filter the stuff by categories, types, or even HEX color. This somehow reminds you of the unDraw site above. In ManyPixels, all the free SVG files can be downloaded and used for both commercial and non-commercial projects without attribution. 

#5. Ira Design – a Gradient Color Library for SVG

Developed by Creative Tim, Ira Design now become popular with over two million developers and companies around the world. 

Ira Design - a Gradient Color Library for SVG

Different from other free SVG download sites in the market, this beautiful one provides users with 5 gradient color samples. And before hitting the download button, users should spend time customizing the sample image. Once applying all the changes to other downloadable images, just select which SVG illustrations you want.

Final Words


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